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Electronics Engineering Done Right

Invest into Your future by choosing a partner that builds on long term solutions by using deep foresight to cover almost every possible angle of the problem and by deploying excellent support to cover the rest.

​A fast-learning team is nothing without experience. An experienced team is nothing if it can not think outside the box. We are here to think outside the box for You and use our experience and flexibility to bring any project home and keep it there to secure the return Your investment needs to be plausible... and more!


We are currently looking for new projects...

Whether it be a fresh idea needing just some finishing touches to succeed... or a product to be built from scratch, we are the right team to get the job done!

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Fields and Specialties

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Electrical engineer working on circuit board


Electronics Engineering

We specialize in :
-Embedded Electronics Design (Hardware, Firmware and Software)
-FPGA/ASIC Design (Development + Testing)

Computer Circuit Board


Microcontroller/COM/SOM Module Firmware Development


Soldering circuit board

Machine Learning/Vision

FPGA Specialisation

Including Embedded Convolutional Neural Networks

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Computer Circuit Board
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